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Why Didn't My Customer get a Down Payment Invoice?
Why Didn't My Customer get a Down Payment Invoice?

How to troubleshoot when your customers don't receive an automatically generated down payment invoice

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Whenever you send a Proposal for a new job, you have the option of automatically sending a down payment invoice when the Customer approves the job. If you ever run into a scenario where your Customer reports not getting the invoice, here's how you can check to make sure you have configured everything correctly.

These are the things to check:

The tutorial below walks you through all of the above steps:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

First of all, let's make sure QuickBooks has your Customer's information. If this button is gold instead of purple, click on it to link the Customer.

Step 2:

If the Customer is already linked, let's check all the Cost Codes used in this job. You can check the Cost Code in the upper right-hand corner of each Workarea. This tutorial shows you how to carefully check and make sure everything is linked ok.

Step 3:

The next thing to check (for non-USA users) is making sure that the tax rate is set in your My Company settings. If you are in the United States, you can skip to the next step.

To check if the Tax Rate is set, click on My Company under Setup in the main menu.

Scroll down to QuickBooks Default Settings and make sure that you have your Tax Rate set.

Step 4:

Another thing to check is to confirm that the Customer properly submitted their approval of the proposal. Clicking on the attached PDF does not tell SynkedUP that they approved the proposal.

Confirm that they clicked on the link that says "Click here to review the proposal."

Then they need to:

  1. Turn on the toggle to approve the workareas they want

  2. Click the "Approve" box

  3. Type their name as an e-signature

  4. Hit Confirm

Step 5:

You also need to check that the customer has an email address in QuickBooks. To do so, log in to QuickBooks. Click on Sales and then Customers.

Next, search for your customer and click on their name.

Click on Edit.

Check the email field to confirm that there's an email address. If there's not, enter their email address and save and that should solve the problem!

Step 6:

Just to verify that there's not an invoice error preventing the invoice from generating and therefore sending, try creating the invoice manually in SynkedUP. If there are no errors, you know that's not the problem and you can proceed to step 7.

Step 7:

If you followed all the above steps but your customer still didn't get an invoice, double-check to make sure that you do have the "Auto-Submit Downpayment Invoice" turned on and send the proposal again.

If you followed all these steps and your customers still aren't getting downpayment invoices, do let us know! We'll get you taken care of!

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