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Weekly SynkedUP Crew Party πŸŽ‰ (webinar)
Weekly SynkedUP Crew Party πŸŽ‰ (webinar)

Every week SynkedUP users are invited to our webinar where we cover a tip or trick, and take live questions from the group.

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Weekly Webinar - How to Send a Proposal from the Mobile App - February 23
Weekly Webinar- Creating new work areas in the mobile app November 17th
Weekly Webinar- Digital job folder in the mobile app November 24th
Weekly Webinar- How to set up a snow job December 1st
Weekly Webinar- Flow from a lead to getting the proposal out December 15th
Weekly Webinar- Company budgeting December 22nd
Weekly Webinar- Production Rates December 29th
Weekly Webinar- Invoicing January 5th
Weekly Webinar- Scheduling January 12th
Weekly Webinar- How to make bulk edits to CSV files January 19th
Weekly Webinar- Terms and Conditions January 26th
Weekly Webinar- Recovering equipment in overhead February 9th
Weekly Webinar - Templates and Production Rates - February 16th
Weekly Webinar- How to Update your Budget with Current Prices - March 23rd
Weekly Webinar- Bundle invoicing for maintenance contracts April 6th, 2022
Weekly Webinar- How to use the routing Feature - April 27th
Weekly Webinar- Review of Company Wide job Coasting Graph- May 4th
Weekly Webinar- May 18th- Best practice of how to clock in and out throughout the say.
Weekly Webinar- How to Best Use Canned Responses - March 30th
Weekly Webinar - How to Include Attachments in Proposals - April 13th
Weekly Webinar-Setting your crew up for success by using mobile app features March 9th
Weekly Webinar- How to send out Maintenance Proposals March 2nd
Weekly Webinar-Getting Ready for Snow Season August 30th 2023
Weekly Webinar-4 Tips and Tricks Every Foreman Should Know About the App- September 13th 2023
Weekly Webinar- How to show your number to your team- September 27th 2023
Weekly Webinar- How to keep your crew motivated. This will be a roundtable type discussion so come prepared with thoughts, ideas, and questions.- October 4th 2023
Weekly Webinar- Travis & Dani" How we doubled our net profit" November 1st, 2023
Weekly Webinar- "New Items Experience Review" November 8th, 2023