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How to update Service Packages for a New Year
How to update Service Packages for a New Year

Quickly create a new year's tasks, update services, and sync to all your customers using Service Packages and Maintenance Contracts

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Here is a quick article showing how to quickly and efficiently update services for a new year in Maintenance Contracts.
So, a bit of context: Maintenance Contracts in SynkedUP are now designed to be ongoing indefinitely. In other words, you don't need to create a new Maintenance Contract each year for a customer that is continuing to use your services. You can keep the original Maintenance Contract going year after year.

The nice part is you are able to update your services each year as your company evolves. You are not forced to have each year be a carbon copy of the previous year.

You can also bulk manage this using Service Packages and make bulk updates to all customers with a Maintenance Contract linked to your Service Packages.

Here is a video showing you how:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Click on Service Packages on the main sidebar and then select the one that you want to continue for the coming year.

Step 2:

Click the green Create Another Year's Tasks button.

Step 3:

Select the Copy from year and the Copy to year, then click the blue Copy the year button.

Step 4:

Click the Customers tab.

Step 5:

Click the green +Create Year Tasks button for each customer.

Step 6:

Click the blue Sync Customers button.

Step 7:

Select the customers that you want to continue providing the Maintenance Contract for and hit Push Sync.

Step 8:

Last of all, make sure you hit SAVE!


You can make any changes - adding or removing an item from a task - and apply them simply by syncing your customers again. To do so, repeat steps 6-8. This will apply all your changes to all the recurring tasks for all customers.

That's it! You've created a whole year's worth of Service Packages. All that is left to do is go to your calendar to schedule them!

Let me know if you have any questions by hitting me up in the chatbox in the lower right corner of this screen!



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