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How to use Bundles in Maintenance Contracts
How to use Bundles in Maintenance Contracts

Bundle multiple tasks together in Maintenance Contracts

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In this article, we'll show you how bundles work in Maintenance Contracts.
You can use bundles to take multiple tasks, like a non-recurring Spring Opening task, 12 recurring maintenance tasks, and a non-recurring Fall Cleanup task, and bundle them all together into one product or service that you offer to the customer.

Here is a video tutorial offering some context:

Step by Step:

The purpose of bundling in Maintenance Contracts is to enable you to take your recurring services, like lawn mowing, and bundle them with a non-recurring task.

For example:

Here is my recurring task.....

Now, let's add some non-recurring tasks so that we can bundle them together into one line item. This is just an example. You may want to add other Tasks, instead of what I am using as an example.

Step 1:

Click Create New Task.

Step 2:

Enter the Task Name, Cost Code, Scheduled Visits, and the Division and click the blue Add Task button.

Step 3:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each task you want to add to the Maintenance Contract.

Step 4:

Now, let's click on the first Task which you created.

Step 5:

Open the Catalog Browser.

Step 6:

Add an item to the Task and adjust the quantity.

For example: add Maintenance Crew and adjust the quantity of hours.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the remaining Tasks on the Maintenance Contract.

Now, let's pretend that you want to look at these tasks as one thing. For instance, instead of sending Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup, and Lawn Mowing as a proposal to the customer, let's say you want to send a proposal for Property Maintenance at a single price for everything: Lawn Mowing, Spring Cleanup, and Fall Cleanup. This is how you can do that:

Step 8:

Click on your reoccurring Task, eg. Lawn Mowing*.

Step 9:

Turn on the "Make Changes to all Lawn Mowing Tasks" toggle.

Step 10:

Type "Property Maintenance" in the Bundle field.

Step 11:

Do the same with your nonrecurring Tasks. eg. Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup

Now you have created those recurring tasks and one-off tasks under one single bundle. Now instead of 15 recurring tasks and 2 one-off tasks, they are all in one. The estimated price, actual price, and the final price will now total all those tasks up in one shot.

The bundling features allow you to round off the price at the bundle level, instead of going and doing it individually to all of the individual tasks

Now, when you set a custom price for a Quoted Price Type at the final price level/bundle level, it divides out that total across all the tasks that belong to that bundle.

That's as far as the bundling feature goes, as of now. The next layer of the bundling level that we will be releasing in the near future is the ability to send a Proposal off to a Customer where the Bundle, eg. Property Maintenance, will show as a single line item and you will be able to create an Invoice with a single line item. Currently, what it is doing is creating a line item for every task. So, the Customer still gets an Invoice with 15 Lawn Mowing tasks and 2 one-off tasks. The next layer will provide the ability to price multiple tasks under the single Bundle and also Invoice and send Proposals to the Customer as a single line item. That way you won't have the messy look of many, many line items. Right now, the Bundle feature is just there to help you visually filter things by Bundle, and set a price at the bundle level.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of how bundling works. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat. We would love to have your feedback also. Drop us a line!

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