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Release Notes- April 13th, 2022
Release Notes- April 13th, 2022

Mobile app speed, bundle invoicing, yearly copying feature in maintenance, and maintenance terms and conditions in proposals

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What’s Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP

Release Notes- April 13th, 2022

At a Glance

  • Optimized mobile app to speed up clock in/out flow by 20%

  • Now fully support bundle invoicing in maintenance jobs

  • Upgraded function for copying year to year in maintenance jobs

  • Maintenance terms and conditions in proposals

Optimized Mobile App to Speed Up Clock In/Out Flow

We've optimized the mobile app to load screens in the clock in/out flow faster. Users clocking in and out to create timecards would encounter prolonged loading times, especially if the job had a ton of visits in it or it was a large maintenance job with a lot of tasks.

The new update loads these screens 20% faster, shaving 7 seconds off the total clock in/out flow. Check out the video below showing the old version and new version side by side. πŸ‘‡

Bundle Invoicing in Maintenance Jobs

In a previous release we introduced the concept of "bundling" multiple tasks together in a maintenance job, so that you could bundle multiple tasks together into a single line item on a proposal. But in invoicing, each task would still appear as it's own line item on the invoice. The new feature delivered in this release now also supports bundle invoicing, where if you bundle multiple tasks together, they will now appear as a single line item on the invoice, instead of one line item per task.

Recurring tasks will also appear as a single line item on an invoice, instead of a line item per each event in that recurring task.

You can see more a quick overview in the video below πŸ‘‡

Upgraded Copy Year Function for Maintenance Jobs

In maintenance jobs we have the ability to take last years work, and copy it to a new year to streamline the process of renewing an annual maintenance contract. We had taken that feature offline temporarily to upgrade the way that feature worked, and successfully brought it back in this release, better than ever. Enjoy!

Separate Terms & Conditions for Maintenance Jobs

We added a feature to allow you to store a different default set of Terms & Conditions for maintenance jobs. We used to only have the ability to store one set of default Terms & Conditions text. Now you can have two different ones, one for projects and one for maintenance jobs.

That's it for now! Thank you for your feedback during your daily use of SynkedUP πŸ™ We record and go over your feedback regularly in our internal meetings, which is what fuels the roadmap as we select what to bring out to you all next 😁

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