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Release Notes - Feb 26, 2021
Release Notes - Feb 26, 2021
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Welcome to the list of updates for February!

We've been taking in a lot of your feedback over that few months, and quite a few of the new features in this release are direct results of the conversations we' had with you all. 🀝

Check them out below.

Quick Glance

  • Task Bundling feature in Maintenance Contracts and Service Packages

  • Control over the reply-to address in automated emails from the SynkedUP system

  • Added ability to nickname properties

  • Added ability to edit proposal email

  • Added ability to set up templates (canned responses) for proposal email

  • improvements to consultation creation workflow

  • added support for QuickBooks Online Canada

Task Bundling in Maintenance Contracts and Service Packages

The new bundle feature is laying the groundwork for some more flexibility for creating estimates and invoicing for maintenance contract jobs. You can now take multiple tasks in a maintenance contract or service package and bundle them all together in a single line item.
Currently, the functionality doesn't bring much more than being able to nicely organize tasks and seeing the total price for all tasks in a bundle, but it is laying the groundwork to be able to also show multiple tasks as a single line item in the customer proposal or invoice. (That's what we are working on now for the next release.)

The real-world intent for this feature is to allow you to take something like the recurring landscape maintenance tasks and bundle them all together into a bundle called Landscape Maintenance. And then take all your water feature maintenance tasks and bundle together the one-off task for the spring cleanout, the recurring tasks for the monthly visits, and then the one-off task for the fall shutdown all together in the same "Water Feature Maintenance" bundle. You'll then be able to see and edit the price on the bundle level, as well as send proposals and invoices with the one line item per bundle.

Ready to get started? Click on the link below for a tutorial on the current functionality.

Reply-To email address controls

You can now modify the reply-to address in an email that gets sent from SynkedUP. This enables you to reply directly to a customer when you get the email about a newly approved proposal, or a customer can reply directly to you when they get an email for a consult or proposal, etc.

The Link below has a tutorial showing you how it works.

Nicknaming Properties

We heard repeatedly that some of you recognize a customer's property by a nickname, rather than the address. This made it challenging for your team if they were navigating through the system, and didn't recognize a particular address for a consultation, estimate, etc.

So, we added the ability to name properties. 😁

You can name them directly in the customer's property profile. That property name will then appear throughout the system such as on the calendar, when you select properties when creating an estimate, etc.

Editing Proposal Emails

Another request we have heard from you all is the ability to edit the email before sending out a proposal.

Bingo. You got it πŸ€©πŸ™Œ

When you hit the button Send for Review on a proposal you'll see a new screen to modify the email subject line and email body before sending it off. You can even insert placeholders to auto-insert something like the salesperson's email or a customer greeting.

Ability to add email templates for proposal emails

You can also create email templates now for those proposal emails. Just go to the System Setup > Canned Responses section, and hit the plus button in the upper right corner to create a new one.

You can use {{placeholders}} to insert content into the email as well. This is useful to auto-insert a client's name or a salesperson's email in a template.

Here is a tutorial video showing you how to do it:

Improvements to the Consultation Creation workflow

Creating a consultation used to take a few steps. But now we've condensed it to a single place to make it simpler and faster. You no longer need to manually save, and then manually send the email off to the customer. You can create a new consultation, schedule it, and send the calendar invite to the salesperson and customer all from the same place.

Here's a quick video:

Added support for QuickBooks Online (Canadian version)

There are some slight differences in the QuickBooks Online API between the USA and Canadian QuickBooks Online accounts. Our integration has supported QuickBooks Online USA since the beginning, but there were a few limitations for QuickBooks Online Canada. Those have been resolved and we now support the functionality regardless of whether your account is QuickBooks Online USA or Canada.

That's it for this release guys! Thanks for your continued support and feedback. It's an awesome journey, watching you all take on SynkedUP and using its tools to improve your workflows and processes. Your feedback is invaluable in helping improve the product, and we are grateful for each one of you.

Until next time!


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