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How to set up a Route in SynkedUP for recurring work
How to set up a Route in SynkedUP for recurring work

This article shows how to set up and schedule recurring work in routes.

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SynkedUP allows you to set up recurring work (maintenance contracts) as Routes. Only recurring maintenance contracts are eligible to be added to routes. Non-recurring tasks, service tickets, and projects are not eligible to be added to routes.

The basic functionality of routes is to allow you to group multiple places together into daily routes, and then to bulk manage those routes in scheduling. This eliminates a lot of tedious steps in setting up, for example, 10 maintenance contract stops in a day individually.

Here is a tutorial showing how creating and scheduling routes is done.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

On the main taskbar, click Route Planning under Setup.

Step 2:

Click the green plus button on the right side of the screen to create a new route.

Step 3:

Name the route. Now you're ready to add jobs to the route.

Step 4:

Drag and drop the jobs from the left sidebar to your route.

Step 5:

Click on the Map View.

Step 6:

Right-click on the map to set your starting point. This will most likely be your office/shop location.

Step 7:

Click the Optimize Route button. This will lay out your route most efficiently for you.

Step 8:

Now we're ready to add the route to your schedule. Click Calendar on the main sidebar. Make sure you have the Routes toggle turned on and you'll see the Route we created in the sidebar.

Step 9:

Drag and drop the Route onto the day of the calendar that you want to schedule it for.

Step 10:

In the popup, set the Starting Date and how many times a month you want the route to occur. Next, assign the route to a foreman and hit the blue Update button.

Congratulations! You have completed setting up a route! The route will now show up on your schedule.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat. We would love to have your feedback also. Drop us a line!



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