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System Setup- How to create and use Canned Responses (Email Templates)
System Setup- How to create and use Canned Responses (Email Templates)

Use Canned Responses to set up Email Templates for your Consultation or Proposal Emails

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In this article, we'll show you how to set up and use Canned Responses for email templates in the Consultation and Proposal emails that go out to your customers.

Here is a link to the article that explains the {{handles}} or placeholders that we'll be using in this tutorial.

Below is a tutorial video showing how it is done:

Step By Step:

There are two types of Canned Responses:

  • Consultation Emails

  • Proposal Emails

Here's how to start creating a new one:

Step 1:

Click on System Setup and then on Canned Responses.

Step 2:

Click the green plus button in the top right of your screen.

Step 3:

In the Type dropdown, choose what type of Canned Response you want to create: Consultation or Proposal.

Name the Canned Response in the Name field.

Create an Email Subject.

For example: Hello {{customer_displayname}}. Here's your Estimate from {{salesperson_name}} from {{company_name}}.

**NOTE: Read this article that explains the {{handles}} or placeholders.

Write the content of the email in the Email Description. You must include the {{proposal_link}} inserted in this field. It will generate a link specific to that Proposal each time.

Click the blue Create button.

Step 4:

Click the green Save icon in the top right.

So, now when you go to send off a Proposal to your Client, you can choose to use the Canned Response that you just created.

Step 5:

Click on Estimates in the main sidebar and choose the Estimate that you want to send.

Step 6:

Click the green Print icon.

Step 7:

Make sure the Customer Proposal toggle is turned on, then click Select.

Step 8:

Toggle on the workareas you want to include in the Proposal and hit Send for Review.

Step 9:

Select an email. Then select a Canned Response. This is where you will find the one you just created.

You can still make modifications to the Canned Response if you would like to.

Step 10:

Click Send for Review. The Customer will receive an email that looks just like what you created, with all the customized names and link.

This is a very handy feature. It saves time and gives you customization abilities as to what your communication with your Customer looks like. Let us know what you think. Drop us a line in the chat!

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