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How to Add an Item to the Item Catalog
How to Add an Item to the Item Catalog

Need to add a new item? Here's how

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This tutorial shows you how to add an item in three different ways:

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

First of all, let's add a single item to the Item Catalog. To get started, click on Item Catalog under Setup on the main sidebar.

Step 2:

Click on Create New Item.

Step 3:

Name the item. Select its Class and enter the Cost. Turn on the toggle if you pay tax for this item.


Other than your labor hours, all items should be entered as materials. This includes Service Fees such as a Lawn Mowing Fee, for example.

Step 4:

Hit Save. You've successfully created an item in the Catalog!

Step by Step:

Step 1:

How about adding a one-off item? You can do this from any Maintenance Contract, Service Ticket, Estimate, or Project. From within a Task or Workarea, click on the green Open Catalog Browser button.

Step 2:

Click on the little plus button beside the Search bar.

Step 3:

This generates a popup where you can Name the item, mark it as Taxable (if you pay tax for it), enter its Cost and Units (like sq ft or each), and select its Class. The toggle on the bottom gives you two options: you can either include this item only in this job, or you can save it to the Item Catalog.

Hit Add. And that's it.

Importing Items:

And last of all, you can import many items at once by going to System Setup and then Import & Export.

For an in-depth tutorial on this process, click here.

Those are the three ways to add new Items. Let us know if you have any questions - drop a line in the blue chatbox!

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