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Making Changes To Your Item Catalog or Budget mid-year
Making Changes To Your Item Catalog or Budget mid-year

How making changes to your item catalog or budget affect items and pricing in your already existing estimates

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When you make a change to an item in your item catalog that impacts the cost or Final Price of that item, SynkedUP will alert you of that change inside all affected Estimates and Projects. Affected Estimates or Projects are any jobs that contain the item that you edited. SynkedUP alerts you with a little refresh icon beside the item name, and with a Refresh Pricing button in the workareas that contain that affected item.

To bring this item back in sync with the price in the item catalog or budget, just click the little refresh icon beside the item name. Or, if your workarea has many items that need to be refreshed, you can refresh them all at once by clicking the green Refresh Pricing button.

Here is a video demonstrating how this works:

Changes to an Item in the Item Catalog:

Step by Step:

First of all, let's go to the Item Catalog and update the price for an item.

Step 1:

Click on the Item Catalog in the main sidebar, then search for and select the item that you want to edit.

Step 2:

Make sure the correct year is selected in the green icon in the upper-righthand corner, then update the price for the item.

Step 3:

Make sure you hit Save.

Step 4:

This pops up a dialog box where you can choose how this price update affects your estimates and projects. You have three options:

  1. Update all unsold jobs: This will automatically update the item's price in any unsold job.

  2. Do not update any jobs, only apply this change to future estimates: No jobs will be updated.

  3. Only update specific jobs: If you turn on this toggle, the jobs listed in the dialog box can be toggled on and off individually, allowing you to choose the jobs you want to update.

If you choose not to update any jobs, but then later decide that you want to update the pricing, you can do so.

Go to the job that includes the item and click on the workarea. You will see the little refresh icon beside the item.

If you click the refresh icon, a dialog box will pop up that shows you the old price and the new price. Click the blue Update Pricing for this Item button.

Bingo. Your estimate now has the new price.

Changes to the Budget:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Go to System Setup on the main sidebar and select the year of the budget you're editing.

Step 2:

Make your desired changes and hit Save.

Step 3:

This will pop up a dialog box that gives you two options for how to apply these changes.

  1. Apply changes to only unsold Projects: This automatically updates the price of items affected by the updated budget.

  2. Apply changes only to jobs created from here on out: This will apply the budget only to jobs created in the future.

Make your selection and then hit the blue Apply button.

If you decide later that you want to apply the updated Budget to an existing job after all, you can do this by going to the job and update all the items for that job at once by hitting the green Refresh Pricing button.

Or, you can refresh just one item by clicking the refresh icon beside it.

This generates a popup. Confirm by hitting the blue Update Pricing for this Item button.

This will apply the changes you made to your budget to this specific job.

That's it! You're all done.

Let me know if you have any questions I didn't address and I will clarify. You can reach one of us in the blue chat box in the lower right corner of this screen.

Thanks guys!


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