Company-wide Job Costing Graph

See your estimated vs actual profits and trends across your entire company

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The company-wide job costing graph allows you to see your estimated vs actual values across your entire company. For example - this means you can see estimated vs actual net profit, across all jobs in your company. Or you can opt to drill in deeper, and filter the data in the graph by division, salesperson, or crewmember.

What this graph does is aggregate all of your jobs across your entire company, takes their individual job costing data, and consolidates it to show your averages and totals in one place.

A job will enter this graph once it is marked Complete. Meaning this graph only shows completed job data. Any jobs not marked as complete will not hit this graph.

The date range filter (at the top right of the screen) will filter all the data by the date the jobs were marked as complete. So if the job was marked complete outside of your selected date range, it will no longer be included in the graph.

This graph is super useful to

  • stay on top of estimated vs actual costs in your company (ie labor or materials)

  • compare salespeople or crewmembers profitablity

  • compare profitability on division vs division

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