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How to Create Your Own Production Rates
How to Create Your Own Production Rates

Learn how to find your own production rates with your crew and equipment's capacity.

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I often get asked if we can give out production rates that they can use in their own estimates to calculate things like how many man hours it takes to install pavers.

I reply that no, I can't give you my production rate. My crews' experience, skill, and the equipment we use is different than yours. And every one of those factors has a big impact on your production rate. So if you use my production rate, it could really mess up your estimates, and either be way too much, or worse, way too little. Leaving you with no profits. Using someone else's production rate is like using someone else's shoes. They usually won't fit.
So instead of giving you my production rate, I'll teach you how to find your own.

I would also recommend you check your production rates each year, and make sure your own production rates are dialed in as your crew continues to gain experience, you get better tools and equipment, etc. Because your own production rates will evolve over time.

You can download the spreadsheet at the link below the video, and the video shows how to use it.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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