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How to set up the "Job Created or Updated" Zap
How to set up the "Job Created or Updated" Zap

Automate any action you want with Zapier when a SynkedUP Job gets created or updated

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In this tutorial I am going to go over an example of what you could do with automation when you update or create a job (Project, Service or Maintenance) in your SynkedUP account. Watch me set up a live and working zap, and follow along to set up your own.

The purpose of this particular zap is to be able to automate anything you want, when you create or update a job from within SynkedUP. One example would be to send an automated email notification to the sales person when one of their jobs gets marked as Complete. That's the example I set up in my tutorial below, but you could set up anything you want.


  • *SynkedUP PRO plan required

  • Zapier account required

  • Your Zapier and SynkedUP accounts need to be connected. Click here to learn how

Steps in your Zap that are required for this to successfully work:

  • Select your trigger

    • When a Job is Updated

    • When a Job is Created

  • (This is only an example) Set your zap action to be anything you want. Most likely something like

    • filter to only proceed if the status is Completed

    • Send the notification email


any multistep Zaps like the example above require a paid Zapier account.

You can use Zapier for free on their free plan for simple automations, but to truly leverage the power of automation, you'll need their bottom paid plan (currently $19.99/mo) so you can build conditional logic and/or multiple steps into your zap automations. You can sign up for Zapier here

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