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How to Schedule the same Job multiple Times
How to Schedule the same Job multiple Times

Need to assign the same job to multiple crews or across different dates? Here's how

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In this video, we show you how to schedule the same job multiple times. Each time you schedule it, it can be on different dates and assigned to different people.

Common scenarios for when this may be useful is say you have a larger job, and there might be gaps in your schedule for that job if you are waiting on subcontractors before you can finish your work, or if you need to assign the same job to multiple people in your organization.

Here's how:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Go to Calendar in the main sidebar and search for the job you want to schedule.

Step 2:

Drag and drop the job that you want to schedule to any date on the calendar.

Step 3:

Assign a crew foreman and a starting date. Then either select an ending date or enter a Manhours per Date number. Then click the blue Update button.

Now we're ready to schedule the job for a second time.

Step 4:

This job is no longer in the sidebar since, by default, only unscheduled jobs show up there. What we need to do is turn on the Scheduled toggle so that the job shows up again.

Step 5:

Now you can search for the job, drag and drop it to the calendar, and repeat Step 3 again.

That's it! You can schedule a job as many times as you want using this method.

If you have any questions, please click the blue chatbox in the lower right corner of your screen, and we will be happy to help.

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