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How to Schedule a Job from the Mobile App
How to Schedule a Job from the Mobile App

Add a job to your calendar in the Mobile App

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You can add a job to the schedule right from the Mobile App. This article will walk you through the whole process.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

On the Main Menu click on the Calendar.

Step 2:

Click on the round orange plus button, then click on the calendar icon button that pops up.

Step 3:

This takes you to the Schedule Project screen. Here you can filter through all the jobs in the system, though by default, the Unscheduled toggle is turned on, which brings up all the jobs that haven't been scheduled yet. You can also filter by Division and Scheduler, the person who was assigned to schedule the job at the time it was sold.

Using the filters as necessary, select the job you want to schedule.

Step 4:

Assign a foreman to the job. You can also turn on the toggle to have the foreman notified that the job has been scheduled. Set a starting date and an ending date for the job. You can leave any notes with the job as well.

Last of all, hit the Schedule Project button.

You've successfully scheduled a job from the Mobile App!

Shoot us a message in the chatbox if you have any questions!

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