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The Process of Creating Leads and Consultations
The Process of Creating Leads and Consultations

See an overview of the process of a creating a lead and scheduling a consultation

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The goal of this article is to provide you with a big-picture overview of the normal workflow of entering a new lead or client and scheduling a consultation with them in the SynkedUP system. That way you can glance at this, get some perspective for how things are designed to flow, and go jump in wherever you need to for additional info or training.


In SynkedUP, a customer (or lead) is at the highest level. A customer can have multiple properties, and a property can have multiple jobs. So the structure is something like this:

Customer > Property > Job


A lead is a contact who has not yet bought from you, while a customer is someone who has bought from you previously.

Here's a list of tutorials to guide you through the workflow:

Enter the Customer:

Create & Schedule a Consultation:

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