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What is the Difference between Sold and Active Toggles?
What is the Difference between Sold and Active Toggles?

Maintenance Contracts and Service Tickets have active toggles to let you know whether that contract is current or from the past.

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The sold toggle on a Maintenance Contract and a Service Ticket works the same way that it works on an Estimate or Project. Once you've sold the job, you turn the toggle on and save it. But what about the active toggle? That toggle indicates whether your customer is currently receiving that service from you.

Here's a video tutorial that goes into the details:


Sold Toggles:

  • tell you whether the job has been sold (shocking, right?)

  • track job estimate conversion rates

Active Toggles:

  • tell you whether your customer is currently receiving this service

  • determine whether the job is available to clock into

For example, if you've created a Service Ticket for Snow removal and the customer approves it, you mark it as sold and active and clock into that job whenever you remove snow for them. However, maybe the following year they decide to discontinue the service.

At that point, you will not mark the Service Ticket as unsold, since you have done billable work in the past for that job. Instead, you mark it as inactive, to indicate that this customer is not currently receiving your service.

This is how the Sold and Active toggles work for both Maintenance Contracts and Service Tickets.

If you have any questions, just send them over in the blue chat box!

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