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Why is the Item Price being increased in my Job?
Why is the Item Price being increased in my Job?

An explanation for why the item price is being increased after you override it when building a Job Estimate

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When you're building an Estimate, you can override a price on any given Item. However, you might run into a scenario where you set a Custom Price, but then the system applies a markup to it. What's going on?

The most likely explanation is that you're overriding the Cost instead of the Price..

This video shows you how to solve the issue:

Step by Step:

In this example, we've overridden the Cost of the Weathered Sandstone Boulders with a cost of $120. But the Price column shows that the Price is $166.67.

This is because we overrode the Cost, which is the amount you as the contractor pays. To set the price that you bill the Customer, we need to override the amount in the Price column.

Step 1:

Click on the value in the Price column.

Step 2:

Enter the amount you want to charge the Customer and hit Set Value.

Now you'll see that the Price is what you wanted it to be.

Hope that helps!

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