Ok, now that you have all your estimates and job in the system and on the schedule, you'll want to make sure your team out in the field has all taken the "Foreman Learning Track". This will get them to download the mobile app and get logged in and learn how to:

  1. Create timesheets

  2. View their schedule

  3. View job info in the Digital Job Folder

So just take a minute, check with your guys to make sure they all received and took the training. If there are any that didn't, make sure to send them the link below so they can see it.

Once you've made sure every foreman or crew leader on your team has gotten that training, we can move on to the next step

The next step is to follow up with your guys and make sure they have the mobile app. πŸ‘‰

Full Learning Track

Step 3 (you are here)

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