Step 6: Have your "Kick-Off" Day

Have your "Kick-Off" Day when everyone uses SynkedUP for the entire project management lifecycle

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This should be an exciting day for you and your team! Here's how we recommend running your Kick-off Day meeting.

  • Have your Kick-off Meeting first thing in the morning, with your entire team present.

  • Ensure all your crew leaders have taken the Foreman Learning Track before showing up to the Kick-off meeting

  • Gather everyone around your office or roundtable and pull up the Foreman Learning Track on a screen that everyone can see.

  • Follow through each of these steps below all together as a team:

And that's it. At this point you've successfully mobilized your team to fully embrace, leverage, and lean into the SynkedUP system, and experience all the benefits and simplified access to and tracking of info it offers.

Congrats! and PLEASE let me know if there is any suggestion you have as to what could make these learning tracks and onboarding info more effective or easier to understand and execute.

Otherwise, cheers! Good luck! And remember, we are here to help YOU succeed. πŸ’ͺ

- Weston

And now! Learn how to reap the benefits of the data you're recording πŸ‘‰

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