Step 5: Choose a Date for your "Kick-off Day"

Choose a date and time when your entire company will begin clocking in their timesheets in the SynkedUP mobile app

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You obviously are gonna want this to go as smoothly as possible. Changing systems with your team can be challenging, and a botched roll out makes 'em grumble. No one wants that. 😜

Let's prep this, and announce this to your team in a way that they can all get excited about it.
I recommend making sure that the benefits they will receive are clear to them. There's always gotta be a benefit. Otherwise why do it, right? Below is a list of things you can communicate to them how SynkedUP will make their lives easier:

  • being able to track time right from the app instead of a physical timeclock

  • being able to view their schedule from anywhere, anytime

  • being able to view ALL their job details AHEAD of time in the Digital Job Folder

    • this drastically cuts back unnecessary phone tag and wasted trips to go back to the shop and get stuff

  • know exactly how many hours they have on their payroll that week

I recommend that once you have all your current jobs in SynkedUP and on the schedule, pick a day in the next few days that will be your "Kickoff Day".

Once you've picked that day, communicate that to your team, and make sure that all your guys out in the field took that Foreman Learning Track beforehand and that they will show up to your Kickoff Day meeting with the app already downloaded and have logged in.

Let's move on to Kickoff Day meeting in the next article!

It's time to kick-off! πŸ‘‰

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