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Step 6: How to Interact with and View your Schedule
Step 6: How to Interact with and View your Schedule

Learn how to see what's coming up on your schedule and view job details ahead of time

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As a foreman or crew leader you'll want to know what's coming up on your schedule. Knowing what is coming down the pipeline is extremely helpful in mentally prepping yourself for the next job, and start thinking about the materials, man power, and equipment you'll need to kick the job off.

Here's a video that explains how a crew leader views and interacts with their schedule:

In SynkedUP, you can view what's coming on your schedule as well as instantly access the Digital Job Folders for each of those jobs so you can view all the details, notes, pictures, and materials for those jobs ahead of time.

Having access to all that info helps reduce the crazy phone tag game of crew leaders and salespeople chasing each other for info and details. SynkedUP eliminates that problem. If you use it. Any system is only as good as the effort you put forth to leverage it. So crew leaders, get on your sales people to enter all the info, notes, details, photos, etc into the jobs so you can stop pestering them with a dozen phone calls asking for info. And sales people/managers should get on crew leaders to make sure they consistently inputting info via timesheets, entering actual materials used and notes so they can stop bothering crew leaders while they are out in the field trying to work.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

The home screen shows you how many and which jobs are on your schedule for the day. To see more information about the jobs, click on the Schedule button.

Step 2:

From the Schedule screen, you can click on the job or, if the schedule isn't up-to-date and you need to access a job that isn't on your schedule for today, you can click on the arrows to view jobs scheduled on earlier or later days.

Step 3:

You can click on a job to either view job details or to clock in to it.

Step 4:

This only shows you the jobs that are on your schedule for the day. If it happens that you finish your job early and you want to go help one of your crew members on his job, you can see his schedule to clock into the job. This tutorial shows you how.

Step 5:

The Scheduled screen is a view-only version of the Schedule. If you want to edit the schedule, you'll need to go to the Calendar.

Congratulations! You've completed the course!

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