Step 2: How to Create a Timesheet

Show your guys how to clock in in the SynkedUP Mobile app

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Every timesheet gets tracked to a job. This means that the job will need to be created in your SynkedUP account before you can clock into it. Typically the salesperson in your company will be creating the estimates/jobs and then once that job gets sold, it'll get scheduled, assigned to you, and then that's where you start by clocking in and creating timesheets.

That's the first thing you'll want to learn - how to create a timesheet. Why? Creating a timesheet does a couple things:

  1. Tracks all your hours for payroll, which allows you to know exactly how much you're getting paid for that week.

  2. Records all the labor for a job, so you get automated job costing.

  3. It allows you to quickly access all that job's info.

How to initiate or create a time card

There are 3 places you can initiate a time card from within the SynkedUP mobile app:

  • Timesheet > Overview screen

  • Timesheet > Schedule screen

  • From within any job, by clicking on the orange action icon in the lower right corner

Here is a video showing you each of those 3 workflows. Usually, the fastest workflow for the normal daily routine is to create a new time card from the Overview or Schedule screen.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Click on Time in the bottom taskbar.

Step 2:

Click on the orange plus icon to start a new timesheet in the Overview tab or

go to the Scheduled tab and click on the job on that day's schedule or

go to the job in Projects and hit the orange plus button on the job's main screen and then select the bottom button that looks like a stopwatch.


If you choose the third option, you will skip the following step, Step 3.

Step 3:

Select your project. You can type in the search box to find it, or filter by Division, Type, or the Assigned Foreman.

Step 4:

Select all the crew members clocking into that job and hit Add Crew to Time Card.

Step 5:

Select a Workarea for the entire crew, or assign a different workarea to each crew member. Then hit Clock In.

That's it! Now you're clocked in.

Let's move on to learning how to clock out πŸ‘‰

Full Learning Track

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If you have any questions or if you feel like something was missed in the video above, hit me up in the messaging chat box in the right corner of this screen. Thanks for reading and watching!

Here's to saving time in your daily process πŸ₯‚


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