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How to Switch From One Workarea to Another on a Time Card
How to Switch From One Workarea to Another on a Time Card

Switch Workareas on your Time Card without going through the whole clocking in and clocking out process

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When you are clocked into a project and want to switch one or more employees from one project to another, it's very easy to do so. Just takes 3 clicks. See the video below.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Go to the timesheet that you are currently clocked in to.

Step 2:

Click on the round initial icon to the left of the crew member's name. You can select just one crew member or all of them, as many as you want.

Step 3:

This produces a blue taskbar. Click on the "+ icon" and that will open up a new screen.

Step 4:

Select a new workarea.

Step 5:

Click Save Changes.

You did it. You've clocked out of the initial workarea and are now logging time on a new one.

Full Learning Track

Step 2 (you are here)

If you have any questions hit me up in the messaging chat box in the right corner of this screen.

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