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How to Log Unbillable Shop Time
How to Log Unbillable Shop Time

How to create a job for your company with multiple workareas so that your employees can clock in and log time for unbillable jobs.

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In SynkedUP every time card is attached to a job. This means that when your employees need to clock in for any work that they're doing, even when it's not specific to any job. You can keep track of such tasks, such as equipment maintenance, meetings, etc, by creating a Shop Time job to attach that time card to.

Here's how:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

You will need your company in your system as a Customer. If you haven't already done so, go to Clients & Properties and create a new Customer with your company's info. Then you're ready to create a job for your company.

Click on +New in the main sidebar and select Project.

Step 2:

Select your company and property and hit Create.

Step 3:

Name the job, eg. Unbillable Shop Time, and then click Create New Workarea.

Step 4:

Name the Workarea and select the Cost Code and Division. You should have both a Cost Code and a Division for Shop Time. If you haven't created them yet, click here for tutorials.

Click the blue Add Workarea button.

Step 5:

Set the Pricing Type to Unbillable. This step is important in order to track your company expenses.

Step 6:

You can create as many workareas as you like in order to have a breakdown of different unbillable tasks. Repeat steps 3-5 for each workarea.

Mark the job Sold so that it shows up on the Schedule and hit Save. Now the job will show up on the Schedule and your employees can clock into it whenever they're doing labor that is not attached to a certain job.

Drop any questions in the blue chat box!

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