How to set up the Create a Consultation Zap (PRO Feature)

Use Zapier to automate creating appointments or consultations in your SynkedUP account

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In this tutorial I am going to go over when you'd want to use the Create a Consultation zap from Zapier, and then how you set that up. Watch me set up a live and working zap, and follow along to set up your own.

The purpose of this particular zap is to automatically enter Consultations into your SynkedUP account, so you can avoid having to manually type it all in when someone books an appointment with you.


  • *SynkedUP PRO plan required

  • Zapier account required

  • Your Zapier and SynkedUP accounts need to be connected. Click here to learn how

Steps in your Zap that are required for this to succesfully work:

  • Select your trigger (someone books an event with you. ie: Calendly)

  • Set your first zap action to be "Create or Update Lead" in SynkedUP

  • Set your second zap action to be "Create a Consultation" in SynkedUP

note: any multistep Zaps like the example above require a paid Zapier account.

You can use Zapier for free on their free plan for simple automations, but to truly leverage the power of automation, you'll need their bottom paid plan (currently $19.99/mo) so you can build conditional logic and/or multiple steps into your zap automations. You can sign up for Zapier here

Step by Step:

Let's say you are using Acuity or Calendly for your Clients to book appointments on your website and you would like it to automatically show up in your SynkedUP account. Now, you can do that! Follow the step by step instructions below on how to set that up.

FYI: If you do not see SynkedUP pop up after you type it in, you need to go to your account and accept your invite first. Our integration is private and not public. If you don't know how to do this, follow the directions in this link.

Step 1:

Log into you Zapier account and click Create Zap

Step 2:

Click on the Calendly trigger (I am using Calendly as an example. You can use any booking app)

Step 3:

Click Invitee Created

Step 4:

Click Continue

Step 5:

Choose your account in the drop down

Step 6:

Click Continue

Step 7:

Click Test Trigger

Step 8:

Now you should see the event pop up that you can use as a test. Click Continue

Step 9:

Type SynkedUP in the Action pop-up and click on the most recent version.

Step 10:

Choose Create a Consultation in the drop down

Step 11:

Click Continue

Step 12:

Select SynkedUP account in drop down and click Continue

Step 13:

Now you will begin to populate all the fields that you would bring into SynkedUP. (Sales Person Email, Customer Email, Send email to Customer is optional, Sales Lead, and Date and Time) You can continue to populate all the other fields, if you wish to do so.

Step 14:

When you have finished populating the fields that you want, click Continue

Step 15:

Click Test and Continue

Step 16:

Now, before you click Publish Zap....keep in mind that if there is not a customer or lead in SynkedUP with the email address that you used from your booking app, Zapier will not be able to create that consultation. This is because that customer or lead does not exist and there is not a profile to create that consultation on. If that is the case see the next step....

Step 17:

Click the "+" button at the top center of your screen

Step 18:

Type SynkedUP in drop down and select the most recent version

Step 19:

Click Choose App & Event

Step 20:

In Event drop down, select Create or Update Lead

Step 21:

Click Continue

Step 22:

Click Choose and Account and select the most recent version

Step 23:

Click Continue

Step 24:

Go down through the drop downs and populate as much as you want

Step 25:

Click Continue

Step 26:

Click Test and Continue and it will send the lead to SynkedUP as a test

Step 27:

Click Publish at the bottom of your screen

Step 28:

Click Publish and Turn On

BOOM! πŸŽ† Now when you go and create a Calendly (or any other booking app) event, it will automatically create or update and existing lead, create a consultation and within seconds that consultation will be in your SynkedUP account!

I know, right, it's amazing!

As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Click on the blue circle in the bottom right of your screen. Happy Zapping! πŸ™Œ

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