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Release Notes- September 11, 2020
Release Notes- September 11, 2020
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Hey guys! Here are the most recent updates and improvements on SynkedUP.

Web App:

  • Implemented generic pagination for API

  • Resolved issue with Price in Job Summary PDF print out

  • Resolved error on Costing and Analysis

  • Added Consultation Events to the Calendar

  • Linking Customer to QuickBooks Online enhancements

Mobile App:

  • Added a little drop-down arrow in Items CTW Screen to indicate collapsed/uncollapsed status

  • Made clarification in Items CTW Screen

  • In the Timesheet screen, made clicking the name do the same thing as clicking the avatar

  • Made some tweaks to Job Details

  • Editing changes made to Workareas

  • Widened the quantity column to support 5-6 digits

  • Added the Assigned To field to the filter preferences in User Settings

Web App

Added optimized load times to Projects, Service Tickets, Maintenance Contracts, and Calendar Sidebar Search

We brought optimization to Projects, Service Tickets, Maintenance Contracts, and Calendar Sidebar searches. The list now loads quickly, and search queries can be entered in any order. For example: Last Name [space] First Name, First Name [space] Last Name, Company Name, Address, etc. If any or part of the words match the above fields, they will appear in the results.

Resolved issue with Price in Job Summary PDF print out

The PDF printout from the Jobs Summary Report had a decimal point in the wrong place. We corrected that. Also, the PDF printout was not mirroring the filters correctly. The printout was showing more Items/Timecards than what it should have. That issue is also resolved.

Resolved Error on Costing and Analysis

A User found that when clicking on the Costing and Analysis tab in their Project, it made the browser become unresponsive and frozen every time. The User could click on every other tab without a problem. This was verified in 2 different machines and in incognito. This issue has been fixed.

Made some changes to Consultation Event on Calendar

Consultations were added as an event to the Calendar and will automatically be assigned to the Sales Person the Consultation was created for. The Calendar Popup looks just like this:

A Consultations toggle now appears in the upper left sidebar in your Calendar.

When the Consultations toggle is enabled, toggles for all Salespersons will appear.

When Consultations toggle and any other toggle is turned on, toggles for Foreman and Salespersons will appear.

Enhancements to linking Customers to QuickBooks Online

The linking icon was added to the Customer's profile. Before, that icon only existed within Projects and Invoicing.

Now there is an option to immediately sync New Customers to QuickBooks Online when creating them so that the User can avoid having to manually create the exact same Customer in QuickBooks Online.

Some other functions that were added:

A new Push to QuickBooks Online button in the Linking popup.

A new Unlink this Customer from QuickBooks Online button.

Mobile App

Added a little dropdown arrow in Items CTW Screen to indicate Collapsed/Uncollapsed Status

Made Clarification in Items CTW Screen

In Timesheet Screen, made clicking on name same as clicking on Avatar

We made this clickable area larger.

Tweaks made to Job Details

We made the Job Name at the top clickable to open the actual Project, Ticket, or Maintenance Contract.

We made the Client Name clickable to go directly to that Client.

We made the Address clickable to go directly to the property.

Added the share action with the ability for the User to choose whatever app they wish to share this info with (Messaging app, SMS, Email, etc).

We added a Notes Tab to all the existing tabs. The idea of this tab is to show all notes from the entire job in one single view. You know how it is, we add notes here and there, but then when you want to refer back to them, it's like "uuuumm.... where did I enter them?" Now, you can access all notes, filterable and searchable, in a single place. This makes it quicker and easier for the User to find the Notes they need to while out in the field.

The following Notes will be compiled into this new Notes tab:

  • Project Level Crew Notes

  • Internal Workarea Notes (compiled from all Workareas)

  • Customer Proposal & Invoice Description Notes (compiled from all Workareas)

  • Scheduling Notes

  • Any Internal Notes from any past Timecards on this Job

  • Any Customer Notes from any past Timecards/Visits on this Job

That could potentially be a lot of Notes, so we've added Filters in case you want to view specific Notes.

Editing changes made to Workareas

When you are in the Item Summary you are able to click on an estimated Item and get to the Edit Item Screen to do your editing. Now when you go into an Individual Workarea you are able to do the same thing.

Note: To edit an estimated Item, you need to have the Salesperson or Admin role turned on in your User Settings.

Widened the quantity column to allow 5-6 digits

Anywhere that the Estimated/Actual column displayed, the quantity column wasn't wide enough to support large quantities. We widened that column to resolve this issue.

Added the Assigned To field to the filter preferences in User Settings

In the Project Selection Screen, we had the Project type filter, Division filter. Now we've added the Assigned To filter. This is also a preference that can be set in your User Settings.

That's a wrap guys! As always, if there are any comments, questions, or concerns, please drop them in the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of this screen.

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