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Release Notes - September 25, 2020
Release Notes - September 25, 2020
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Hey, SynkedUP Users. Hope you all had a great week so far. We've been busy making updates and improvements over the past 2 weeks. Here is a look at what we have been doing.

Web App:

  • Optimized Calendar load times

  • Made filters persistent on Invoicing

  • Attachment viewer enhancements

  • Fixed error when trying to save a Customer with a blank field

  • Solved issue that prevented deleting Items from Item Catalog - Can now delete Items again

  • Optimized load time for Customer Selection Popup when creating a new job

  • Enhancements to Invoicing Popup

Mobile App

  • Add/Upload attachments directly from Attachments Tab in the Job Details Screen

  • Resolved issue with adding Actual Items from Item Summary when the User didn't select a workarea first

  • Visual confirmation when an Item gets added

  • Disabled editing in the Items Screen once a timecard has been submitted

  • Updated what Items appear in CTW Items Screen when clocking out

  • In Items Summary (Edit Item), delete was not working - Issue resolved

Web App

Optimized Calendar Load Times

In large accounts, the Calendar had some slow load times. We made some core changes to drastically decrease load times regardless of account size.

Made Filters persistent on Invoicing

When refreshing your page, the date range and toggles were reset. We changed the logic so that filters remain the same and stay set to what the User set it at. This keeps the User from having to manually reset the filters each time they jump from one project to another or refresh the browser.

Attachment Viewer Enhancements

When viewing attachments from a project in the Web App, the Intercom Messenger Bubble used to cover up the "X" to close the image viewer. We have moved that "X" to the upper right corner.

We added buttons at the top of the screen that allow you to rotate the attachment, just in case the attachment gets uploaded sideways.

Solved issue that prevented deleting Items from Item Catalog - Can now delete Items again

If Users deleted Items from the Item Catalog, it had been causing issues in any job that the deleted Item appeared in. This has been resolved by incorporating a soft delete function (more coming on this soft delete function and an upcoming recycle bin feature).

Error on saving a Customer

If you would add a phone number or email on the Client Profile, but left it blank, it would generate an error and wouldn't allow you to save. That issue is now resolved.

Optimized Load time for Customer Selection Popup when creating a new job

Added the new and improved load times to the Customer Popup.

Enhancements to Invoicing Popup

Made a number of tweaks to clean up this Invoicing Popup.

We widened the Invoice Popup columns.

On the Create a New Invoice popup, we hid the toggles with individual entries. Only toggles with more than one entry now show.

Made "Select Items & Labor by Visit" blue and underlined.

Mobile App

Add/Upload attachments directly from the Attachments Tab in Job Details Screen

You can now upload attachments directly from the Attachments Tab in the Job Details Screen. When you are in a timesheet or schedule, and go to the Job Details Screen, previously you could only view the attachments. Now, you are able to add them right from the mobile app.

When adding Actual Items from Item Summary, there was an issue if the User didn't select Workarea first - issue resolved

In the Items Summary view when the User would add a new Actual Item (manual entry), but failed to select a Workarea, it appeared as if it was added, but it actually wasn't. We resolved that issue. There is now an error message that will pop up to prompt you to select a Workarea and Quantity before saving.

Visual Confirmation when an Item gets added

When the User added a new Actual Item from the Items Summary Screen or Workarea Actual Tab, it was pretty obscure. The User had to pay close attention to make sure they successfully added the Item. We added a display message that indicates a successful action.

Disabled editing in the Items Screen once a Timecard has been submitted

The user was able to still add/edit Items from the Items screen even after a timecard was submitted. We now have disabled adding/editing Items once the timecard has been submitted.

Fixed issue of all Items not appearing in CTW Items Screen

In certain scenarios, the User would get confused as to what Items they had already added to the job. This was caused by not all Actual Items appearing in the list of Items when clocking out.

For example: When clocking out, in the Items CTW Screen, if the User added Items from the Item Catalog on one day those same Items would not appear on the CTW Screen when clocking out of this job the next time. Which led the User to believe that he must have missed or failed to add the Item. So, the User would unintentionally add them again for the second time.

The Items List in the Items-CTW Screen now displays:

  • All Items that were Estimated

  • All Items that User added to this timecard

  • All Items that any User has added tp any preceding timecard on this Job

In Items Summary (Edit Item) the delete button was not working

In the Items Summary (Edit Item), the Delete function did not work. The user could not delete any entries and could not update Item quantity to "0". The issue was resolved and you can now successfully delete Items and update quantities to "0".

Note: We blocked edit or delete if reviewed/invoiced already.

Well that's a wrap! As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, drop us a message in the blue Chat Box in the bottom right of this screen. Hope everyone has a great weekend. πŸπŸ‚


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