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How to Create Notes in the Mobile App and view them in the Web App
How to Create Notes in the Mobile App and view them in the Web App

How crew members in the field can add notes to a job in the mobile app that office staff can view in the web app

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Guys in the field and office admin can keep each other informed by leaving notes within SynkedUP. This tutorial shows you where to enter and review these notes.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

We're going to start by leaving Notes in the Mobile App. Go to a Time Card for the job for which you want to leave Notes.

Step 2:

Hit Review.

Step 3:

Hit Next twice to go through the clocking out workflow.

This brings you to the Notes screen. You can leave notes for your co-workers in the Internal Notes field and notes for the Customer in the Client Notes field. If you enter notes for the Customer, make sure the Send Notification box is checked so that the Customer receives your notes.

When you're finished, hit Finish.

Step 4:

To review these Notes in the Web App, go to Projects and select the same job.

Step 5:

Go to the Visits tab. Here you can see all the visits for this job along with information about each visit, including Notes. The colored note icons indicate that Notes exist. Click on the note icon to view the Notes.

Step 6:

You can click on Client Notes or Internal Notes to see the Notes that the crew members in the field entered. You can also add additional Notes if you like.

Hopefully, that's all clear. Drop us a message in the blue chat box if you have any questions!

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