Is my Crew Member a User?

What's the difference between a crew member and a user?

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How do you know if an employee should be entered into SynkedUP as a crew member or a user?

Crewmembers cannot log in to SynkedUP, or create timesheets, while Users can create timesheets for themselves and their crew members that are with them.

Watch this tutorial for a detailed description of the differences.


A Crew Member is:

  • anyone who is on payroll

  • someone who does not need to log into the app

  • someone who works with a User, who creates timesheets for him

A User is:

  • anyone who is a foreman

  • anyone who works on their own

  • anyone who has a maintenance route

  • someone who needs to be able to log in to create timesheets, view job info, etc

You need to link a new User to a Crew Member. Click here to see how.

I hope that answers the question! Let me know if there are any unanswered questions - just drop them in the blue chatbox!

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