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Release Notes March 22, 2022
Release Notes March 22, 2022

New database upgrade, new UI improvements for estimates, and more.

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What’s Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP

Release Notes- March 22nd, 2022

At a Glance

  • We have increased the database 4x to increase the speed of the mobile app and the web app.

  • Taxable Toggle was added to maintenance contracts to make it easier

  • All unsold jobs now show in the Estimates section

  • Added customer proposals for service

Upgraded Database

SynkedUP has tripled in user base in the last 90 days, so we had to make upgrades to our database to keep up with demand. The old database had 2 different instances where it became unresponsive for a small percentage of users, during times of peak demand and usage. For example" in the front end on your screen, this could have manifested itself in the form of a job just sitting there and not saving after you hit the save button. Then 10 min later everything was fine.

This issue is now mitigated with our new database upgrade. We have 4x the capacity, which means the app will feel snappier and faster.

Taxable Toggle on Maintenance Contracts

Each maintenance contract shows a summary of all work in the Details tab. We added a toggle there to control the taxable status on that view, to make it easier and faster. The old UI made you go to each workarea individually and turn that taxable toggle on or off.

All Unsold Jobs Now Show in Estimates

It used to be that the Estimates section only showed unsold Projects. And unsold Service Tickets and Maintenance Contracts still showed in the Service Tickets and Maintenance sections. This mixed sold and unsold Service Tickets and Maintenance jobs together, and was a slightly confusing UI.

So to bring consistency we made all unsold jobs show in one place: Estimates. And added new filters to allow you to filter down the Estimates to only what you wanted to see.

Added Customer Proposals Feature in Service Tickets

We released the beta version of proposals in Service Tickets. In SynkedUP, we are working to continuously stay relevant and up-to-date with best practices in technology. This new feature is using a brand new version of code, and is one of the first features where you see this new code in the front end.

This feature is still in beta, so there will be stability improvements in the coming weeks. Feel free to begin experimenting and using it, and let us know if you encounter any issues.

That's a wrap for these past two weeks. The goal of these articles is to keep you up to date. I know we have a lot of conversations, getting your input and feedback, and there can be a fair amount of time in between the actual conversation and seeing the live results in the software.

So, my aim is to let you know we didn't disappear down into a black hole after listening to your feedback. We are working hard on gathering all your feedback, prioritizing what is most important, and designing creative solutions to make your life easier and see your feedback come to life.

As always, I want to genuinely thank you for your support, for your business, and we don't take that likely. Our aim is to not deliver fancy buttons, but to deliver results for you and get you a positive ROI.

Cheers #synkedupcrew 🥂


SynkedUP CEO

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