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Release Notes - December 20, 2023
Release Notes - December 20, 2023
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Happy Holidays to you and yours☃️. Here is what we have been up to over the past few weeks.

General program housekeeping

We spent a little time going through the program and cleaning up some unused features. Under system setup and the My Company page there were a few features that didn't do anything. These just led to questions and confusion. We cleaned that up so that there isn't anything, that doesn't do anything.

Create new estimate inconsistencies

There are three places in the program where you can create a new estimate. If you go through clients and properties and choose new estimate, it was by default making a project estimate. This caused some frustration at times if someone was attempting to make a maintenance estimate. We removed the estimate option and now you can choose which job type you intend to create. That then is by default an estimate until it is marked "Sold". Similarly, if you use the "New" button in the left side bar, we also removed the estimate option. So, again you will choose the job type and it will remain an estimate until marked "Sold". We also added some radio buttons when creating an estimate from the estimates page so that there is no confusion as to what type you are creating.

Down payment credit on job with no down payment

We had a small bug in the system where maintenance jobs were showing a down payment credit when in actuality no down payment had been created or made. We were able to quickly identify the problem and get that squared away.

T&M and Flat Rate invoicing glitch

When using the invoicing page and creating a new invoice for a T&M or Flat Rate job it was showing zero dollars to invoice. Closing and re-opening that pop up will then populate that correct information. This was a simple bug that was easily fixed.

Loading template was crashing the system

We had a brief issue that caused things to go blank and buttons to disappear. We were able to quickly determine it was triggered when opening templates in the catalog browser. This was due to an inadvertent coding error and was quickly resolved.

Active filter in service tickets and maintenance

In service tickets and maintenance there was no way to filter to look at active and inactive jobs. The status columns that were there didn't work as intended. We have gotten that cleaned up and you can now easily filter to see active or inactive jobs.

Adding a decimal point

You may have noticed invoicing a job that had a previous down payment against it, the amount to apply was displayed without a decimal point. For example: 452.13 was displaying as 45213. We have now added the decimal point in an effort to make it easier to read.

Add ability to highlight field when entering a number

Previously, when entering a quantity of an item in a job, clicking on the field would just insert the cursor. This could lead to a zero needing to be deleted. Now when you click into that field, it automatically highlights and no clean up is necessary.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at SynkedUP.

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