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Release Notes - December 6, 2023
Release Notes - December 6, 2023
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! πŸ¦ƒ Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with the ones you love the most. Here is what we have been up to the past few weeks....

At a Glance:

  • Items work in the mobile app

  • Broken link on invoicing screen

  • Ability to tab quantity fields in workareas

  • Missing calendar events

Items work in mobile app

We are starting to approach the finish line of the in depth items work that we have been doing. The team has been focused on the mobile app side of things. We are continuously deploying small changes, most of which won't even be noticeable to you. As with the items work we did on the web app, this work is cleaning up old code to allow for fewer bugs, faster load times, and future development. You may see some minor tweaks here and there within the mobile app.

Broken link on invoicing screen

We found when looking at a job on the invoicing page, the icon to take you to that job was instead taking you to the the main home page. We have since fixed that, so that button will now take you directly to that job.

Missing calendar events

We had some reports of scheduled tasks disappearing from the calendar. They were still showing as scheduled within the job, but no scheduled date. After some investigation, we found a place in the mobile app that was wiping out the task calendar event. We made a fix to that, so that should no longer happen.

Ability to tab quantity fields in workareas

We were able to add a quick time saver when working on an estimate. You can now tab through the quantity fields of each item. This should hopefully save you a little bit of time while working through an estimate.

​As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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