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Release Notes - July 25, 2023
Release Notes - July 25, 2023
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Hey SynkedUP Crew. This is what we have been up to....

At a Glance:

  • Duplicated Items

  • Updating pricing after budget update

  • Display issue on mobile app when names are long

  • Completed date for maintenance tasks not saving

  • Chronological order of jobs on clock in screen

  • Mobile app freezing issue

  • Company wide job costing not matching completed projects

  • Items work

  • T&M invoicing issue

Duplicated Items

We had a handful of users report that upon clock out, recording actual items used were duplicating or tripling. We found a small issue related to the backend work that we were doing and it was quickly resolved. Actual items can now be recorded accurately, as they should.

Updating pricing after budget update

We found an issue that occurred after you updated your budget. Lets say you had to update your budget for whatever reason (new equipment, personnel change, etc.) If you then went into an estimate to update the pricing to reflect the budget changes, the system was giving an error message. This again had to do with some work being done on the backend, but was quickly resolved.

Display issue on mobile app when names are long

You may have noticed on the mobile app when using the project selections screen, if the customer or project had a long name, it was causing the project number to push off the screen. While this wasn't an end of the world problem, we made some changes to avoid that from happening.

Completed date for maintenance tasks not saving

You may have noticed when marking a maintenance task complete on the web app, and giving it a completed date, saving it would erase the date. That was certainly annoying as the completed date was important information and needed for reporting as well. We were able to get that fixed and it is no longer an issue.

Chronological order of jobs in clock in screen

You may have noticed when you went to clock in on the mobile app, if you were on the project selection screen and filtered to scheduled for today, the jobs were showing up in a random order. It forced you to go back to look at the schedule to see with job was first, second, etc. Although this wasn't a bug we were able to get this cleaned up so that now the jobs show up in chronological order.

Mobile app freezing issue

You may have noticed when adding an item in the clock out screen that was not in your catalog already, it was causing the app to freeze and forcing you to kill the app and restart. We were able to get that fixed up so adding new items to your catalog while clocking out is no longer an issue.

Mobile app display issue

Along similar lines when adding an item to a job that was not estimated when clocking out and you would hit the plus button to open the item catalog, after adding an item, it would not be visible in the items list. You would have to go back a page and revisit the items page to see that it was indeed added. That has now been fixed so actual items added from the catalog show immediately.

Company wide job costing not matching completed projects

We found a calculation error on company wide job costing. The report was including on hold workareas. That was obviously inaccurate and the report now shows approved and unapproved workarea final prices only, for completed jobs.

Items Work

We are neck deep in some backend work to clean up some code around how items work within the program. This is cleaning up some redundancy, how the data moves around, and essentially streamlines everything. You may notice some slight changes as to how things look but the vast majority of this work is behind the scenes. Once complete this will allow us to eliminate bugs faster and speed up implementation of future features.

Time and Materials Invoicing issue

We had a couple of users point out that Time and Materials jobs were not appearing to invoice correctly. What it was displaying as the amount to invoice was not correlating to the final price or billable amount. If the invoice was created the amount on the invoice was indeed correct. We found there was a display issue that was easily corrected. No invoices were actually wrong.

As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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