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Release Notes - October 25, 2023
Release Notes - October 25, 2023
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! This is what we have been up to over the past few weeks.

  • New items experience completion

  • Items summary report printing issue

  • Click reduction in pop up models

  • Phone number zapped into SU

  • Pushed changes not saving on copy job

  • Sold project email link

  • Division filtering bug on calendar for maintenance jobs

New items experience completion

The new items experience has been fully launched. We buttoned up a few things including moving templates to the new look. We are now completely working with the new items experience. By moving everyone over completely we were able to speed things up a fair amount. While we continue to clean up little bugs here and there we are now working on the mobile app side of things. We hope that you are enjoying the new look and features!

Items summary report printing issue

We found a bug when trying to print the items summary report. The print button was greyed out and dead. We were quickly able to get that fixed up and working properly.

Click reduction in pop up models

We spent a little time on click reduction. We know that extra clicks lead to wasted time so we are always working to eliminate a click when we can. One notable spot we cleaned up was when entering production rates. You would click on the calculator, then have to click into the field, and then enter the value. Now when you open the calculator the field is already highlighted and you can start typing your value immediately. We found a few other places to do something similar. We hope that you will enjoy all of the new found free time!!

Phone number zapped into SU

We found that when a customers phone number was entered with parentheses around the area code, the mobile app would not allow you to click it to dial out. In going through the code we found that there were a few formatting restrictions. Those have since been cleaned up and should no longer prevent you from dialing out via the mobile app.

Pushed changes not saving on copy job

We had a frustrating bug that was reported on the maintenance side of things. When you made a change to a master task, then pushed changes to match all tasks, things would work as hoped. However, once you hit save those pushed changes were no longer there. We found this was only occurring on jobs that had been copied from another job. We were able to fix that up fairly quickly and pushed changes now save as they should.

Sold project email link

We took care of a little annoying bug that had been pestering us. When the sales person received the project sold email, the link with in that would just take you to the main company dashboard. This didn't make sense. We found a broken URL and have now fixed that so clicking the link in that email will now take you directly to the project.

Division filtering bug on calendar for maintenance job

When in the calendar and using the division filters we found an issue around maintenance jobs. When choosing a division filter, mowing for example, you would expect to only see those tasks on the calendar. However, it was showing all the tasks within any job that had a mowing division task in it. We have cleaned that up so now you will only see the tasks assigned to the division you are filtered to.

As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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