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Release Notes - May 18th
Release Notes - May 18th

Release Notes - Routing improvements and general stability improvements and bug fixes

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What’s Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP

Release Notes- May 18th, 2022

At a Glance

  • Routing Improvements

    • Increased stability

    • Optimized Routing

    • Ability to set company address for route start/stop points in My Company settings

    • New UI in scheduling

  • Enable auto down payment on maintenance tickets

  • Jobs marked complete on calendar by being crossed out

  • Ability to update consultations in the calendar

  • Fixed a glitch in the clients list if there was no company name

  • Fixed a bug in routing so not every stop would have an error

  • Manually over write items in templates

Routing Improvements

The routing feature is up an running better than ever. We've significantly improved the stability, along with some UI improvements that will improve the user experience while building and scheduling routes.

You used to have to manually pick a starting point for your route each time you went to optimize it. Not any more! You can now go to the My Company page and enter your shop address. The routing optimization will then use your shop address by default to optimize the route, saving you clicks.

Fixed a bug in routing so not every stop would through an error

When a stop would be added to the routes inside the Map View, an error would come up and possibly make other routes not show up. This has been fixed and you can now fully add a stop inside the route from the Map View.

Enable auto down payment on maintenance contracts

Just like projects, you can now create an automated down payment for maintenance jobs. The down payment invoice can be sent automatically as soon as the customer approves it, and you are on your way with out having to manually make a down payment invoice.

Jobs marked complete on the calendar by being crossed out

Maintenance jobs were not using the checkmark and strikeout text to show the completed status in the calendar. We've solved this issue, and you can now see what is complete at a quick glance and not have to waste a bunch of time clicking into every job.

Ability to update consultations in the calendar

You can now update any information or change the date and time of the consultations directly on the calendar page. No need to go back into the consultation tab! Sweet! Less clicks!!

Fixed a glitch in the clients list if there was no company name

If you had not entered a Company name on the client profile, but you had selected the Company name to show in the Display As dropdown, it caused issues in how that customer appeared in the sidebar list. This has now been addressed.

Manually override item names in templates

You can now override the item names directly in templates, just as you can in workareas. This allows you to use the same item from the Item Catalog multiple times, assigning unique production rates to each instance of that one item, avoiding the need to create multiple unique items in the item catalog.

For example, in a paver patio template, maybe you'd want to create easy access, medium access, and difficult access production rates for labor. This access wouldn't affect the production rates for the materials, but labor it would, and you'd like to reflect that in your template by giving the estimator the option of which production rate to choose while using the template in a new estimate.

So now, you can use your one single labor item, add that one labor item multiple times to the template, and override the name of that labor item to distinguish easy access, medium access, difficult access, and assign unique production rates to each.

Now the estimator can delete the two he/she doesn't want, and use the production rate they did want. And no need to create multiple labor items in the item catalog, or create multiple templates, one for each production rate.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback! It feels rewarding to be able to deliver enhancements like these out to you all, and know that you all had a direct voice in how these improvements get built and what gets rolled out. :)


Weston Zimmerman

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