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Release Notes - November 4, 2022
Release Notes - November 4, 2022
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What's Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP...

Release Notes November 4, 2022

During this time period we brought the entire team to Louisville, KY to experience the Equip Expo together. This event was the first time many of us had actually met face to face and not behind zoom calls! It was wonderful to meet so many of our customers in person as well. While in town, as the Customer Success team worked the booth, the engineers conducted an offsite meeting to align the vision and method of operating. Our very own LJ Kotalik was also moved into the role of Product Manager. She will be helping to guide our software development through a more data driven process. Congrats LJ!

At a Glance:

  • Text format issue in proposals - resolved

Text format issue in proposals

There was an issue that seemed to reformat text in the pdf proposals. It would randomly bold words and/ or change the font sizing. Bulleting also seemed to be an issue. Once the proposal is created it would wipe out the formatting. These issues were resolved.

Our engineers have been working on updating a number of backend platforms. Although you may not notice any differences today, this will lead to better stability, faster feature implementation, and brings every thing to current modern standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please hit us up in the chat box.

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