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Release Notes - March 4, 2024
Release Notes - March 4, 2024
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Wow! It's March already. The busy season is right around the corner. Is everyone ready?

Here is what our team has been up to the last few weeks....

At a Glance:

  • Proposal improvements

  • Third party glitches

  • Change to QuickBooks connection

  • Maintain search in item catalog

  • Ability to schedule at all hours

  • Zapier errors

  • Items work

  • Service tickets created on mobile app

Proposal Improvements

  • When creating a proposal, there are times that it would be nice to reorder the workareas. So, now when creating a proposal and selecting the workareas to present, you will see grab handles next to the workarea toggles. This will allow you to reorder the workareas and present to the customer, as you wish. This is independent of how they are ordered within the job.

  • We added a preview button to allow you to see what the customer will see. This keeps the timeline clean so an internal preview doesn't appear as if the customer viewed it.

  • You now have the option as a salesperson to receive a notification email when a proposal has been viewed by the customer. This allows you to know once it has been opened and to reach out for follow up and to answer any questions, etc.

Third party glitches

There are a handful of places in the program where we use third party software. For example: Date and time picker, rich text editor, fonts, etc. Occasionally they will do an update which can cause some problems through the system. This happened recently around the date and time picker/text editor especially. You may have noticed a challenge in getting time entered or formatting your customer descriptions appropriately. Our team was able to identify these issues and line things back up so the operate appropriately.

Change to QuickBooks connection

We recently upgraded our partnership with QuickBooks. With that, the QuickBooks connection has its own tab under setup and it is no longer on the time screen. No action is necessary on your part, but should you need to refresh your connection, you will now find that under setup.

Maintain search in item catalog

We had a user request the ability to have the search bar maintained when in the item catalog. Every time you went back, it cleared the search bar, which made it difficult to edit like items. For example you would search something, edit it, and return to the catalog, but you would have to search again. We made some changes and now a search item will maintain when you return to the item catalog. The search in the item catalog now operates like the search in the rest of the system.

Ability to schedule at all hours

We found when scheduling an event it would not let you schedule anything before 7am. This was an arbitrary restriction that wasn't necessary. We have removed that and you now have the ability to schedule at any hour of the day.

Zapier errors

We had a few users report getting error messages happening during certain Zapier actions. We found this was caused when certain information was missing. It would then trigger an error for the entire Zap. We made some changes so that it is less sensitive and allows Zaps to flow freely.

Items work

We have completed the long project of reworking how Items are handled in the system. This was a long but necessary project that eliminated a lot of bad code and allows for faster, cleaner, creation of new features.

Service tickets created on mobile app

We found a bug where if you created a service ticket on the mobile app, it was actually creating it as a project. We quickly got that fixed, so now service tickets are created as service tickets.

โ€‹As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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