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Release Notes- July 13th
Release Notes- July 13th

Release Notes

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What’s Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP

Release Notes- July 13th, 2022

At a Glance

  • Materials and Unbillable hours calculated in Costing & Analysis

  • Service ticket down payment

  • Enlarged Logo on digital proposal

  • Security Upgrade

  • Completed Date

  • Allow More visits on Mobile app

  • Ability to Un-approve a work area after it has been invoiced

  • Bulk Pricing Updating

Materials and Unbillable hours calculated in Costing & Analysis

Under the Costing & Analysis page the charts will now populate the materials and unbillable hours. The back end has now been tied up and is working as it should be!

Service ticket down payment

There was a bug that would not let you change the down payment percentage. But that has been fixed thanks to our great engineers. Before the bug would not allow the down payment percentage to be anything other than .25 the new default is 25%. This can be changed by clicking on it and changing it to whatever you would like.

Enlarged Logo on Digital Proposal

The logo has now been resized on the digital proposal. The reason for this was the popular demand of customers wanting to make sure their clients knew who the proposal was from.

Security Upgrade

The backend of things have been updated. The reason for this was to bring us in line with current times. This was also done so in case of a real disaster and the system goes down, it will keep everything safe. With this came a few unintended bugs. We have worked through them and they have been resolved.

Completed Date

There is now a date that will appear when the job has been marked complete. This will allow for a record of when the job was finished but it is also the date that information is dropped onto the company wide job costing chart.

Allow for more visits on mobile app

The mobile app will now allow for more than 20 visits on the schedule for the day. This will benefit people who have mowing/ maintenance contracts so they can see the entire schedule for the day.

Ability to Un-approve workareas after they have been invoiced

The toggle to un-approve a workarea will now let you click it in order to make changes to a workarea, even if there is an invoice against it. This will eliminate multiple steps involving QuickBooks Online. The purpose behind this was to make it a one click operation. This also came about per popular demand.

Bulk Pricing Updating

This is a new feature and is well worth the wait. You can now update pricing in your item catalog in bulk.

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