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Release Notes - April 10, 2024
Release Notes - April 10, 2024
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Here is what our team has been up to over the past few weeks....

At a Glance:

  • Automated proposal follow ups

  • Changes to quoted final price

  • Customer work list

  • Calendar scheduling off

  • Home page pie graph readability

  • Proposal default PDF not working

  • Consultation time not displaying correctly

  • Wording change on digital proposal

  • Ability to preview .HEIC attachments

  • Scheduling confusion

  • Mobile app template production rates

Automated proposal follow ups

We are very happy to announce that we have launched the ability to have automated follow ups for your proposals. We know just how busy and crazy this time of year is. We also know that just getting an estimate done and out the door is an accomplishment in itself (although hopefully SynkedUP has dramatically helped in the speed and ease of that.) So therefore, we ultimately know that following up on proposals sent out is not easy and many slip through the cracks. You can now send up to three reminders automatically on the schedule you want. The settings are found on your "My Company" page and you can create the copy of the follow up emails in the email templates section. The automated follow ups will stop once approved, the client opts out, or you stop them. We want to help you close more jobs so we hope this aids in that mission.

Changes to quoted final price

As you have likely seen. We have recently made some upgrades to how quoted final pricing works. This was in an effort to clean up some minor bugs, unintended user error, and most importantly to prevent incorrect pricing being sent to customers. You can still enter a custom final price, but it is much more visible as to how that relates to the estimated price. You will also receive a warning when it is less than the estimated price. We encourage you to double check final pricing while you get used to the new look and feel.

Customer work list

When inside the customer profile page and you hit the file cabinet icon to pull up the list of that customers work, we realized that it was also showing other jobs that fit into the search filter. This certainly made things confusing as the intention is to look at only jobs for that customer. What now happens, is when you click on the file cabinet icon it redirects you to the work tab of that customer which indeed is only that customers jobs. This should function as we would anticipate it now.

Calendar scheduling off

We found to have some calendar functionality that wasn't working as we would like. For example if you were trying to schedule every third Wednesday or something like that is was taking the third Wednesday of the calendar view and not necessarily of the month. This caused some manual adjusting which we want to avoid. We have that all cleaned up now so scheduling those types of events should work as anticipated.

Home page pie graph readability

We noticed that some recent upgrades we made to the pie graphs on the home page resulted in some unintended display issues. This happened especially when you had a large number of referral sources. We made some tweaks and adjustments that make those graphs much easier to read and gather the information you need.

Proposal default PDF not working

As you likely know, there is a default setting on your "My Company" page that allows you to always allow your customer to download a PDF of the proposal. Of course you can also choose this as a per proposal option, but the default lets you automatically offer that with every proposal. Well we found it was not working. The default was not turning that on and defeating the purpose. We quickly got that fixed up and working as intended.

Consultation time not displaying correctly

We had a user point out a small problem with scheduling consultations. Lets say you schedule a consultation with John Smith for 3:00 PM on April 15th. The event would be scheduled correctly and send to the customer correctly. However, in the field where you schedule it, the time was displaying as AM. We were pretty sure that neither you or Mr. Smith want to meet about his landscaping at 3:00 AM! We have that fixed. It was purely a display issue and everything is and had been scheduling as intended.

Wording change on digital proposal

There has some confusion by the end user when using the digital proposal. The wording "check here to approve all selected workareas" seemed to confuse the end user. It was as if they were not reading selected and thought that box meant approving the entire proposal. We have since reworded it to say "I consent to electronic approval of the selected workareas". We hope that this makes it much more clear and allows your customers to understand things better.

Ability to preview .HEIC attachments

We found that pictures with the .HEIC format were not showing as a thumbnail preview in the attachments folder. This made it difficult to find the picture that you were looking for. We did a small upgrade to the attachments and now you can see a thumbnail preview.

Scheduling confusion

We found we had a small bug which was causing some maintenance jobs to show as needing to be scheduled. Some maintenance jobs were showing in the unscheduled list even though all tasks had been scheduled. We got that cleaned up, so now only jobs with truly unscheduled tasks should show.

Mobile app template production rates

We found at some point that production rates tied to templates were no longer functioning when estimating in the mobile app. We were able to easily get that fixed and you can now use template production rates when estimating via the mobile app.

As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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