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Release Notes - January 30, 2024
Release Notes - January 30, 2024
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Here is what we have been up to over the past few weeks...

At a Glance:

  • Error message when logging out of mobile app

  • Customer list export

  • Sync to Budget

  • Visits PDF

  • Inadvertent scrolling in fields

  • Job Lists

  • User Avatar

  • Items CSV Template

  • Deleted Customers or properties

  • Items work

  • Proposals

Error message when logging out of mobile app

We removed a pesky error message that was showing up whenever you logged out of the mobile app. You could easily get past it but it was showing for no real reason. That no longer shows up.

Customer list export

We found that when exporting your customer list that not all properties were included in the export. We found some issues in the code that were easily and quickly fixed so that is no longer an issue. As a bonus we were also able to get customer notes included in the export.

Sync to Budget

In some previous work we unintentionally eliminated the ability to sync all the items to the current budget. You had to go down and click on each individual item. While you could certainly get the job done the ability to update it in once click was missed. We have returned that functionality which should make updating pricing to a new budget much easier.

Visits PDF

Within service tickets there is a button to print the visits page to a PDF. However, we discovered that the button did not work. After some poking around under the hood we were able to figure out the issue and get that working again.

Inadvertent scrolling in fields

While conducting budget calls (which we do a fair amount of this time of year) we noticed that while scrolling on the page it was changing numbers entered into fields if your cursor was hovering over one of them. It was also reported that this was happening in workarea quantity fields as well. This certainly raised some concern as if you weren't very careful numbers could be changing without you noticing. We quickly looked into this and a change was made by the vendor we use that supplies those data fields. Turns out we were not the only ones unhappy with that change. We were able to make a quick change so that is no longer an issue.

Job lists

You may have noticed some new and very helpful filters for the tables with all of your jobs listed. You can now sort by sold date and filter by the job status. This has been super helpful to put some order around those ever growing lists. Now you can look at only a certain window of time, filter out completed jobs, etc.

User Avatar

For whatever reason we had a brief period of time where you were not able to upload an avatar to your user profile. That has been fixed so you can now update or change your avatar if need be.

Item CSV Template

Another brief interruption we encountered was not being able to download the sample items CSV template. Thankfully that was quickly addressed and downloads now without issue.

Deleted Customers or properties

Have you ever gone to open a job only to find a blank screen? This was often caused by deleting a customer or a property which the job was tied to. If you went to the recycle bin and restored that customer or property the job would then appear. We have addressed this now with warnings when you try to delete one with an associated job and an explanation if you find the blank screen.

Items work

We are quickly approaching the finish line on the items work in the mobile app. We hope that you are experiencing some faster response times when working in the app and fewer glitches.


We have been hard at work on some improvements to proposals. You will now see a proposals tab between the task/ workarea tab and the schedule tab of a job. This is where you can now see the various versions of that proposal along with a running timeline of who created it, when it was sent, when it was opened, when it was approved, etc. We are looking forward to hearing what you think of this work. We are pretty excited about it!!

​As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.


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