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Release Notes - January 17, 2024
Release Notes - January 17, 2024
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! Here are a few things we have worked on over the last couple of weeks.

At a glance:

  • More detail in the company wide job costing

  • Budget Updates

  • Scheduled projects not displaying start and stop dates

  • Budget worksheets

  • Customer information entered via Zapier

  • Mobile items work

  • Job List Filtering

More detail in the company wide job costing

This one we are pretty excited about. While the company wide job costing chart is very helpful, it was hard to look deeper into the data. If something looked off it was difficult to determine what job may have been causing the issue. We have solved that by displaying the jobs that feed into the dashboard. So now when entering a date range, division filter, etc, you will see the list of jobs feeding in to display those numbers.

Budget updates

When updating and saving a budget, you would be presented with two options. One was to update all unsold jobs and the other to only use this budget from here on out. This caused some confusion as it would not actually update all unsold jobs, but only unsold jobs already associated with that budget. While everything was working as designed, the wording did lead to confusion. We have since tweaked the wording to make it more clear as to what is actually happening.

Scheduled projects not displaying start and stop dates

We had a small bug in the calendar. If you opened a scheduled project, it was not displaying the start and stop dates. We were able to easily find the issue and that now displays as expected.

Budget worksheets

In an effort to make things as clear and understandable as possible, we made a few minor wording changes to the budget worksheets. These were in the equipment tab and are intended to help you enter equipment in the right spot more easily. Nothing operates or calculates differently , but hopefully there is more clarification.

Customer information entered via Zapier

When utilizing Zapier, you can have a customers contact information entered elsewhere (ie-website) and Zapier will enter that information into SynkedUP. We found an issue when some programs would try to send the state as a full name. This caused the customer profile to have problems within SynkedUP. We made some changes so that now the Zapier function will automatically convert a state name to a two letter abbreviation. That should resolve any issues with customer information being entered into SynkedUP.

Mobile Items work

We are entering the home stretch of the items work. One of the final pieces will be removing some old code from the mobile side of things. You will want to make sure that you are on the most recent app version. Most users have it set to automatically update, but if you have that disabled, you will want to go to the app store or google play store and check for updates. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with this, please reach out in the chat.

Job List Filtering

You have likely noticed that as you use the program more and more your job lists were becoming more and more cluttered. It was hard to get them in an order that made sense or had much rhyme or reason. We have added some new filtering to each job type list. You can now search the job name, number, customer, or property. You can filter by date range based on sold date. You can also filter by job status (unscheduled, scheduled, waiting on parts, or completed.) We hope this allows you to view the job lists in a cleaner manner now. We have further plans to improve this in the future.

โ€‹As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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