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Step 4: How to Send a Proposal

Send a proposal to a customer for approval

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So you've got your estimate all tweaked and ready to go? Awesome! Below is a video showing how to send the proposal to a customer, along with step-by-step written instructions below that.

When you send a proposal, the customer will get an email with a basic message thanking them for the opportunity to create a proposal for them. They can view the proposal and accept or decline the proposed workareas. If the customer approves the proposal, SynkedUP will send the salesperson an email notifying them of the approved workareas.

That, my friends, is what you can do with a Proposal. See the video below for our guided tour.

Step by Step:

Once you have created an Estimate and have all your workareas set up you are ready to send it off to the customer for approval. Let's get started.

Step 1:

Click on Estimates

Step 2:

Select the Estimate that you would like to send to the Customer

Step 3:

Click the green Reports icon in the top right of the Details page

(Next to the green save icon)

Step 4:

Select the Customer Proposal toggle and click the blue Select button

Step 5:

Toggle on all workareas that you want to include

From here, you have a couple of options:

Option 1:

You can lock the workarea toggles so that the Customer can't turn them on and off in the Customer Review Screen.

Option 2:

You can add a description of the proposed workarea.

Option 3:

You can choose to automatically generate a down payment invoice if the customer approves the invoice. If the Customer approves the workareas, SynkedUP will automatically send a down payment invoice email to the Customer. Otherwise, you can leave the down payment toggle off and manually collect your payment after approval.

Option 4:

You can show or hide the Pricing Type information.

Option 5:

You can add links or delete the ones that are there. Add a new link by going to the bottom where it says +add a new info link.

Option 6:

You can modify the down payment percentage if you like.

Option 7:

You can modify the "due on signing" field or the date in the "due on mm/dd/yyyy" field.

Once you have made your modifications and you are happy with how it looks, click on Send for Review.

Step 6:

On the Submit Customer Proposal For Approval pop-up, select the e-mail addresses that you want to send this proposal to, as well as the reply-to email addresses. You can also edit the Email Subject if you choose.


If you have set up canned responses, you can select a different email template if you like.

Step 7:

The Email Description is the body of your email. You can also set this up to your likings. The only requirement is that the Proposal Link placeholder needs to appear at least one time. If that link is removed, you will not be able to send the Proposal.


If you accidentally removed the Proposal Link, no worries - just go right above the body of the email and click on the "proposal link" and it will get reinserted at the bottom of the email. If you don't want it to appear at the bottom, you can copy and paste it to where you would like it to show up in the email.


You can also choose other available handlebars such as: Customer Greeting, Salesperson Email, Salesperson Name, & Salesperson Email by clicking "here" right above the body of the email.

Step 8:

Click Send for Review button.

Customer View:

The customer will now get an email with a basic message thanking them for the opportunity to create a proposal for them. In that email, there's a link that says "Click here to review the Proposal". When the customer clicks on that button it will load a webpage similar to the screenshot below where they can turn the toggles on and off for the workareas you sent to them.

The customer can accept or decline the proposed workareas by turning the toggles on and off. The total price will dynamically update as they turn the workareas on/off, and always show the correct total price and downpayment price for the workareas they have turned on. 

Once the customer is happy and ready to approve the proposal, they will need to check the "Approve all Selected Workareas" checkbox, enter their name as an e-signature, and hit the "Confirm" button. 

Result of Customer Approval:

Once the customer does this, SynkedUP will send the salesperson an email notifying them of the approved workareas with an attached PDF of the signed Proposal. SynkedUP will also automatically (depending on your settings) create an invoice for the downpayment amount and send it to the customer.

As soon as the customer makes payment on that downpayment invoice, SynkedUP will mark that Estimate as officially sold, and put a little checkmark beside each approved workarea in that Estimate.

And that, my friends, is how to create a Proposal 😁

Now for the last thing you'll need to do to get this job done - schedule it 👉

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If you have any questions, please don't forget to use our chat box in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you.

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