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Release Notes - June 18, 2020
Release Notes - June 18, 2020
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Another round of enhancements, a few new features bring us more SynkedUP goodness in the latest release πŸ™Œ

Web App

  • Items Summary Report

  • Launched the new Invoicing Console

  • Added Notes to Job Costing & Analysis screen

  • New Vendors section

  • Added tagging feature in Item Catalog

  • Added Date Stamps to Items in Item Catalog

  • New + Create New button design. (eg Create New Workarea)

Mobile App

  • Changed button text from "Submit" to "Finish" in final screen of CTW

  • Added icons to Task selection screen when clocking into a Maintenance Contract

  • Visual improvements to Job Details screen

  • Long press on items in Item Catalog screen to see more info

  • Intercom help messenger now under the Support menu item

  • Resolved performance issues on the Scheduled screen for iOS devices

  • Show logged-in user's name and profile picture in the side menu

Web App

Items Summary report

The new Items Summary report gives a concise list of all items from all Visits. You can also print this report right from this screen, or from the reports button up in the ribbon of icons in the top right section.

This new feature is on any job in the Visits tab, beside the Catalog Browser button.

New Invoicing Console

This replaces the Billing: Visits menu item in the sidebar menu. While the old Billing: Visits screen was designed to approve visits as they occurred, this new Invoicing screen is designed to both Review and Invoice work as it occurs.

You can now sort and filter by:

  • Project Type

    • Projects, Service Tickets, Maintenance Contracts

  • Status

    • Unscheduled, Scheduled, Waiting, Completed

  • Reviewed/Not-Reviewed

    • Not-Reviewed, Reviewed, Uninvoiced, Invoiced, Paid

  • Reviewed - At least one visit is reviewed

  • Uninvoiced - No invoices created for that project

  • Invoiced - Outstanding > 0, there is at least one invoice that is not completely paid

  • Paid - There is at least one invoice, and all invoices are fully paid. That doesn’t mean though that the whole project is fully paid - because there may be items/labor/quoted price not invoiced.

Division Groups
A list of all the Division Groups you have set up will appear here (same as in the sidebar filters on the calendar)

*as of June 23, Quoted Price Maintenance Contracts are not yet supported in Invoicing

Added Notes to Job Costing Screen

In Projects, we added a view to quickly view all Internal and Client notes left from all visits in one place.

Added a new Vendors Section

You are now able to create and/or import Vendors from your QuickBooks Online account. This feature is in preparation for the ability to create "Bills" from vendors in the Job Costing screen. Bills will be an additional method of adding Actual items.

(e.g. adding actual items from the mobile app as "Visits" is a method of adding Actual items we support currently.)

Item Catalog Enhancements

We added a tagging feature to Item Catalog items. Up until now, the only thing that was searchable in the Item Catalog was the Item Name. This was limiting though. As sometimes users searched for the item in not quite the right wording, and you wouldn't get any results in your search. Tagging fixes this. You can now tag any number of tags to your items (without creating a crazy long item name mind you 😜) and those tags are searchable. This makes it much easier to find the item you are after when searching from the Catalog Browser.

In addition, we added 3 date stamps. This will allow more insight into what items are just cluttering your Item Catalog, and what items you actively use.

  • The date an item was created in the Item Catalog

  • The date it was last used in a job

  • The date the cost or profit was last adjusted

And finally, a prettier Create New button 😎

Mobile App

Final Button to Clock Out in CTW

Changed the button text in the final screen of the CTW from Submit to Finished. Some people were getting to this screen and thinking they had successfully submitted their timecard when they hit this Submit button. When in fact they hadn't. All they had done up until this point was clocked out. It was our fault. We fixed it. It now reads "Finish". It's all cool.

Moving on... 😜

Icons on Task Selection screen

Just to make things a bit more clear and obvious, we added the Notes and NEQ icons on the Task selection screen for Maintenance Contracts

Visual Improvements to the Job Details screen

We did some housecleaning and shuffling on the Job Details screen to clean things up and present info a bit more clearly. We also added a new tab in this view that is dedicated to one task or workarea at a time, and you can navigate from one workarea to the next via the arrows.

Long Press in Item Catalog Items

You can now long-press on any Item Catalog item, and a little popup will appear and show more details regarding that item. This is helpful for when you have a lot of items with very similar names and are finding it hard to differentiate and find what you are looking for.

Additionally, we tweaked the view to allow more space for the item name, so longer item names can be shown. Also, any items that appear in your timecard will be highlighted in the Item Catalog view. This allows you to be aware of what items already exist in your time card.

Added the Chat Messenger in the Support menu item

Added in the logged-in user's name and profile picture in the upper left corner

If you made it to here, wow! High five! πŸ™Œ You must love this stuff πŸ˜‚

We know that just fancy features aren't the answer. In most situations, all you want is for that stupid piece of technology in your hand to just work. That's what we strive to do each and every day we get up. Before the coffee's even being made, the wheels in our heads are turning... How can we make this better?
It's in the pursuit fellers. Until next time!
Cheers! πŸ₯‚


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