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How to set up your Preferences and Settings for Time Cards
How to set up your Preferences and Settings for Time Cards
Set your default Crew and Project Filters for clocking in to a Job
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To save time and clicks in your normal workflows of creating time cards, you can set up preferences in your app settings. See the video below to see how it works.

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Click Settings in the main menu.

Step 2:

Set up your default Crew. Here you can select the crew members that usually work with you. This means they will be automatically selected the next time you clock in, though this default can be overridden.

Select your crew members and hit Save.

Step 3:

Set up your default Project filters.

Here you can choose which Projects show up when you do a search. These filters can be preset for the Type of Projects, who those Projects are Assigned to, and which Division. There's also a filter for whether you want the default for Scheduled Today to be on or off.

After you've made your selections, hit Save Filters.


These filters can be enabled or disabled, allowing you to temporarily clear all your default filters without losing them.

Those are the two settings that apply to Time Cards. Once you've made your selections, your next clocking-in session will be streamlined!

If you have any questions hit me up in the messaging chat box in the right corner of this screen.

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