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How Can I add a To-Do List to my Crew's Calendar?
How Can I add a To-Do List to my Crew's Calendar?

How to Create a To-Do List and Assign it to a Crew Member

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The best way to create a To-Do list for your Crew Members is by creating a Service Ticket and assigning it to them so it shows up in their schedule.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial for getting that to-do list on their schedule:


Step 1:

Click on the +New in the main menu and select Service Ticket.

Step 2:

Select your company as the Customer and your Property and hit Create.


If you haven't entered your company as a Customer, you can do so by creating a new Customer and entering your company's details.

Step 3:

Name the ticket, ie. To-Do List and turn on the Sold and Active toggles. You will need to select a Scheduler in order to mark the ticket as sold.

Step 4:

Then click the Create New Task button.

Step 4:

Name the Task, ie. Pick up Plants at the Greenhouse, enter the Cost Code, ie. Unbillable Shop Time and the Division, ie. Shop. Then hit Add Task.

Step 5:

Hit Save and then go to the Calendar to assign it to your Crew Member's schedule.

Step 6:

Use the filters to only show jobs for the Division you assigned to your Service Ticket. This should bring up the job, or you can search for it.

Drag and drop it to the Calendar.

Step 7:

Click on the job and assign it to the Crew Member that you created the to-do list for.

Adjust the date and time or make it an all-day event and hit Update.

Now this job will show up on your Crew Member's schedule for the day you assigned it to. That's it for creating a to-do list!

Send me any questions in the blue chat box!

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