How to Set Up a Snow Job

A Best Practice for setting up snow jobs

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Snow jobs are a category of their own since they aren't typically jobs that you schedule. Usually they are just set up as active jobs in your system, sitting there, ready for anyone to clock in to on demand.

I recommend using Projects to set up your snow jobs, although technically you could set up snow jobs under any of the types, Projects, Service Tickets, or Maintenance.

Here's a tutorial on setting one up:

Step by Step:

Step 1:

Make sure you have a division set up for Snow in your division settings. If you have multiple snow routes, you can set up a division for each snow route. This makes it easy for the crews to filter to only the snow jobs on their route when clocking in from job to job in the mobile app.

Step 2:

Go to Projects in the main sidebar and click on the green plus button.

Step 3:

Select your Customer and their Property.

Step 4:

Name the job, ie. Snow Removal, and then click on Create New Workarea.

Step 5:

Name the Workarea ie Snow Removal Winter Season 2021-22, then select your appropriate Cost Code.

Select a Division.


It's a good idea to name your Divisions according to Route. That way when you filter jobs by Division, only the jobs for your route will come up. If you need some help with setting up Divisions, here's a tutorial.

Step 6:

Select your Pricing Type.

Step 7:

Click on Open Catalog Browser.

If you're billing for each time you provide service, use Pricing Type Flat Rate, and add your Service Items* to your Task.

If you're billing based on a contract, and the price is set for the season, use Pricing Type Quoted, and enter the contract amount in the Final Price field. I would still enter the Service Items* to the workarea so that when your crew clocks out of each visit, they can record what actually got done throughout the season, so that at the end of the season you can look back and make sure you are charging enough.

*Service Items would be things like De-icing, clearing sidewalks, etc. See a screenshot below:

Step 8:

Leave the Qty of Items at 0, since you're not predicting which Services or Items will be used. You're just adding them to the Job so that they're there for your Crew Members to check off.

Set the price of your Services by clicking on the Price and entering the value.

Step 9:

Go back to the Details tab and mark this Job as Sold and mark the workarea as Approved.

Step 10:

Hit Save.

That's it! Now when you're guys go to clock in to this job, they can filter by the Division, clock in, and then check off the items they used when they're done and clocking out.

Filter by Division:

Select your Job:

That's the best way to set up a Snow Job!

Let us know if you have any questions whatsoever!

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