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Release Notes - November 16, 2022
Release Notes - November 16, 2022
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What's Happening Behind the Scenes at SynkedUP...

The Engineering Team has been working away at a number of bugs and backend cleanup. Much of it will not be noticeable to you, but it is setting the stage for some upcoming, amazing improvements.

Release Notes November 16, 2022

At a Glance:

  • Retiring an old Item from your Catalog

  • Offsite Database Backups

Retiring an old Item from your Catalog

In the past when deleting an Item in your Catalog, it would affect all jobs containing that Item. Some symptoms would be that jobs wouldn't open, pricing would change, etc. Now deleting an Item will remove it from your Item Catalog, but will leave it in place in all existing jobs. This has been a bit of a thorn in our side for awhile. So, we are very happy to have this thorn removed.

Offsite Database Backups

One thing that keeps us up at night is what would happen in the event of a disaster (i.e.: server goes down, cyber attack, etc.). While we have always had a plan and a backup in place, we like to occasionally test that and make sure that we are ready in the event of that happening. We are continuously working to upgrade and strengthen that plan. We feel that we are in a good place, should tragedy hit.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please hit us up in the blue chat box at the bottom right of your screen.

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