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Release Notes - May 17, 2023
Release Notes - May 17, 2023
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Hey SynkedUP Crew! We think that you will be pretty excited with some of our updates and fixes.πŸŽ† So this is what our team has been up to....

At a Glance:

  • Timesheets on the web app

  • Scheduler selection

  • Linking client from proposal pop up

  • Scrolling issue when deleting event from calendar

  • Project report issue

  • Switched order of visits

  • Bug on item screen when clocking in

  • Canadian postal code issue

Timesheets on web app

We are very happy to announce that you can now create and edit timesheets on the web app. Previously all the time sheets had to be created in the mobile app and there was limited editing capability on the web app. This was a feature that many of you had asked for and we are very excited to have it for you now. This feature should be very handy, especially for office admins. You will no longer have to lg in on your phones to take care of time sheet issues. This has full functionality to create a brand new visit and or edit workareas, times, crew members, etc. Check out the following articles in our help center.

Scheduler selection

When marking a job as sold, SynkedUP will not allow you to save it without a scheduler being selected. We found a loop hole that when a down payment was paid, the job could be marked as sold without a scheduler. This could potentially lead to jobs being sold without realizing it. We made a change so that if a project did not have a scheduler selected and the down payment is paid, all schedulers will be notified. This should prevent any sold project from falling through the cracks.

Linking client from proposal pop up

We cleaned up a small issue that was occurring when linking a customer to QuickBooks in the proposal process. If you are creating an estimate and getting ready to send a proposal, you may see a warning that the customer is not linked to QuickBooks. If you have used that opportunity to link the customer, it would effectively reset the work you had done getting ready to send the proposal. That has now been fixed, so you can link the customer to QuickBooks Online and continue on, as you were.

Scrolling issue when deleting event from calendar

When in the calendar and you click on a recurring event, then click on remove event, a pop up comes up and asks if you want to delete all, only this one, or this one and all future events. If there were a large number of events, you could not see to the bottom to see the buttons. This caused the user to have to zoom way out in their browser to complete this task. You can now scroll through the list and get to the bottom without having to manipulate your browser.

Project report issue

We found an error in the code causing actuals from a job to display on the project report. The purpose of the project report is to show estimated labor and material quantities. The error in the code was adding the actuals to it as well, essentially causing everything to double up. This has now been fixed and the project report will only show estimated quantities.

Switched order of visits

When reviewing the visits of a job they used to show oldest to newest. This caused the user to potentially have to flip through multiple pages to get to the most recent ones. This has now been changed, so it will show most recent visits first.

Bug on item screen when clocking in

We found a bug that if a job had custom labor items in the estimate, they were showing up on the clock out sequence. This would cause confusion as the foreman would likely select them and essentially double count labor hours. This has been fixed so no labor shows up in the clock out sequence now.

Canadian postal code issue

Our Canadian users reported an issue that occurred when creating a new client while starting a project. When creating a new project, there is the option to choose an existing customer or create a new one. When creating a new one, that pop up only allowed 5 digits for the postal code. This caused a problem, due to Canada using 6 digits. This has now been fixed and Canadian users can create a new client completely in the pop up.

As always, if you have any questions, please hit us up in the chat box. Always remember to refresh often so you are up to date with the most recent version.

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